RadCalc QA software now with annual subscription packages

Discover the RadCalc subscription package that matches your clinical needs!


RadCalc now offers new subscription packages*. Subscription packages make QA software spending much more manageable and transparent over time. As delivery techniques and routines change, users can match the spending to meet their actual needs. Latest updates and new features are included as well as technical support and maintenance. Lower initial spending helps increase accessibility, especially during challenging budgetary times. 

Users can select from four pre-configured packages Essential, 3D Premium, 3D Gold, and 3D Unlimited and add additional modules to meet their specific clinical needs. The latest RadCalc version offers Collapsed Cone and Monte Carlo algorithms as part of three different 3D packages. Monte Carlo is known as the gold standard for calculations in radiation therapy. It provides the highest accuracy with a short calculation time. 

“We are constantly working on new features, new releases, and on the optimization of the current software. RadCalc is completely vendor independent and must be compatible with many techniques and machines. With your subscription you can enjoy the latest features and you are always up to date. Included in each annual subscription you receive technical support and maintenance. Subscription packages provide 70 % lower upfront spending compared to traditional license fees” says Jim Dube, responsible for RadCalc sales at LAP group. 

 Users can choose between annual or multi-year subscription packages. 

 More information can be found on here. 

 *Subscription packages available within the US and Canada 

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