Webinar: Introducing RadCalc 7.2 and its EPID Module

Join us on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 8 p.m. GMT/ 3 p.m EDT. Register now for free.


In this webinar we will be covering the new features released in the anticipated Version 7.2 of RadCalc including new customizable features for intelligent automation with RadCalcAIR that allows users to customize which DICOM tags to trigger actions and new layout customizations for a cleaner workflow. Also we will be covering the two configurations our new EPID module is designed for: In-Air deliveries and In-Vivo deliveries.

Key topics
- Get to know the new features and benefits of the EPID module

- Learn how patient specific QA in RadCalc goes beyond the secondary check to the validation of the dose delivered pre-treatment and in vivo.

- Learn the new features available to the clinician to add automation to any workflow!

The presenter
Carlos Bohorquez, M.S., D.A.B.R is the Product Manager for RadCalc at LifeLine Software, Inc., a part of the LAP Group. An experienced board-certified Clinical Physicist with a proven history of working in the clinic and medical device industry, Carlos’ passion for clinical quality assurance is demonstrated in the research and development of RadCalc into the future. 

Dates and times
To respect our partners and customers worldwide, the webinar will be held in English.

Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 8 p.m. GMT/ 3 p.m EDT. Register now!

The duration of the webinar will be about 60 minutes including time for Q&A. Unable to attend the live webinar? Please register anyway. The webinar will be recorded and available to view at your convenience.

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