RadCalc now with Gamma Knife Module

The independent QA software RadCalc has added a new Gamma Knife module. The Gamma Knife module performs second check point dose verification calculations for the Model 4C, Perfexion, and Icon treatment machines utilizing versions 10 and 11 of the Leksell GammaPlan (LGP) planning system.


The Gamma Knife radiation device from the Swedish manufacturer Elekta has been specially developed for the treatment of brain tumors. A very accurate calculation of the irradiation is particularly important in the brain region.

RadCalc has an intuitive interface for easy operation. Plans are imported using the RTP Plan Import dialog box via a read-only Elekta supported connection to the GammaPlan database. RadCalc computes the dose and percent difference for each target utilizing proprietary TMR data, OAR data, and Source position information supplied by Elekta. Therefore, RadCalc utilizes a virtual machine to perform the dose computation and no physics setup is necessary. The RadCalc virtual machine automatically selects the data based upon the type of plan.

In addition to many other features, an important feature of RadCalc and the Gamma Knife module is its independence from the manufacturer's product. RadCalc stores and maintains its own copy of the Elekta proprietary data. The table lookup and interpolation process is separate from Elekta’s. External contour determination from Skull Scalar Instrument measurements or thresholded images is completely independent along with the ray-tracing process for depth determination. Additionally, the off axis computation is fully independent.

RadCalc Version 6.4 or higher must be installed in order to use this licensed module. For more information or to request a demo please contact our sales department.

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