Calculation algorithms

RadCalc provides Collapsed Cone Convolution Superposition and Monte Carlo based algorithm modules that deliver fast, easy, and accurate 3D Dose Volume verification for most commonly used treatment planning systems.
Treatments have become more complex with higher dose per fraction. Monte Carlo is known as the most accurate calculation algorithm for radiotherapy dose calculation. Doses in inhomogeneous structures such as lung tissue are calculated with very high accuracy. Sparing healthy tissue is always a major goal in radiation therapy. Hence, dose calculation accuracy is imperative.

The need for using a Monte Carlo-based QA software

"This work is the result of over 20 years of expertise in application of MC simulations in radiotherapy.

With the RadCalc MC module we had the goal to bring fast MC calculations to the clinic in a user-friendly way."

Marc-André Renaud
Medical Physicist at McGill University, Montreal

Benefits of Monte Carlo


Calculation speed ranges from 3-10 minutes independent of the delivery technique. The calculation speed is mainly determined by the average size of MLC apertures and the target volume.


RadCalc provides a fully automated process for your QA routine. It alerts you instantly to plans that fail to pass your pre-set Gamma Analysis acceptance criteria and checks whether DVH objectives are met for critical structures. 


The Monte Carlo module utilizes the most established Monte Carlo dose engine available (BEAMnrc). In combination with proprietary machine modelling it achieves very high accuracy of calculation.

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