Have a look at the courses designed to learn all about the RadCalc Software!

Public courses

How to download and install your RadCalc software

For new users, we will start with the instructions for downloading and installing from scratch. For existing users there are the options to upgrading to the most recent version or going to subscription separate from an existing version.

Examples for 3D and EPID sample patient

Benefit from these examples of 3D and EPID dosimetry calculations and experience the different scenarios that one would encounter when starting with implementing 3D and EPID licensing.

Subscription courses

RadCalc overview

Welcome to RadCalc! In this course we will go over the some of the main features to get you started. We will cover the main user interface, setup in utilities, an intro to automation with RadCalcAIR and how to get started with the patient database and calculations.

3D Module configuration

Learn how to model your 3D algorithms. In this course we will cover the installation and setup of the dose engine, the queue configuration and the 3D model configurations for Monte Carlo and Collapsed Cone.

EPID Dosimetry Configuration

Second check, pre-treatment QA and in-vivo all in your patient's anatomy! This course will go over the steps for configuring your EPID models for one energy.

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