Why patient QA?

Safety is a priority in radiation therapy. Protecting patients against ionizing radiation to healthy tissue is essential. Every measurement must be as accurate as possible. Various patient QA processes can produce different results; therefore, it is imperative to independently verify calculations a second time. This is exactly what RadCalc does: independently verifies dosimetric calculations in an easy-to-use software platform. Additionally, RadCalc provides another level of independence with the addition of the EPID Dosimetry module providing phantom-less pre-treatment QA and exit beam in-vivo verification of the intended delivery. All in an easy to use software platform.

How do you check calculations of the treatment planning system?

Treatment Planning (31%) and Treatment Delivery (30%) are the most common step in the patient’s workflow where errors are caught!

Aggregate Historical Sum from RO-ILS 2021 Report Card


For your patients

In the medical field it is common to get a second opinion. Patients do not have the chance to check their own treatment planning calculation. To know that comprehensive QA has been performed, gives trust and confidence which in turn has a positive effect on the treatment.

For you

For the medical physicist, time is a limited resource. However, time savings cannot be achieved by fewer tests, but by efficient tools. Due to independent patient QA with secondary check software, pre-treatment QA and in-vivo verification more time is created for machine QA, which results in additional risk reduction.

"With our future-oriented QA products we improve the everyday life of our customers in radiation therapy."

Jens Gauthier, Managing Director at LAP

How can RadCalc support my patient QA tasks?

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