Intelligent automation

RadCalc can seamlessly be integrated into the clinical workflow. Automate your QA workflow for all calculation types using RadCalcAIR.

Included with every install, RadCalcAIR (Automated Import & Reporting) provides an automated process with tools for percent difference, DVH, Gamma and Distance to Agreement analysis and more. RadCalcAIR imports the treatment plans and performs the calculations and evaluations, based on the defined settings. The results can be exported, without user interaction, alerts are sent if parameters exceed set values.
RadCalcAIR also automates the EPID dosimetry module, providing true composite 3D pre-treatment QA and in-vivo dosimetry phantom-less workflows. Working with RadCalc can eliminate phantom-based plan verifications.

RadCalc's Import and Export utilities



RadCalc allows you to import from radiation therapy planning systems, verify and record systems, and/or virtual simulation software through DICOM RT or other proprietary formats. Third party products supported by RadCalc:

  • RTP Connect Format: IMPAC/MOSAIC, LANTIS, Varis
  • Pinnacle: DICOM RT, Hotscript, Direct FTP connection (Prior to Pinnacle version 9.0)
  • Eclipse: DICOM RT, Print Template in Eclipse to provide missing effective depth information
  • MIMiC Plan: Hybrid Plan Import
  • CyberKnife: from MultiPlan and Precision TPS
  • Nucletron Plato Brachytherapy: direct FTP connection
  • Gamma Knife: direct import from the GammaPlan ODBC Database
  • Zap-X plan: import from the Zap-X treatment planning system
Rules for automation

Rules for automation

Utilize our predefined parameters below to fine tune automation of your QA checks or define any DICOM tag for RadCalcAIR to customize automation for setting thresholds for gamma analysis, protocols, isodose templates, plan check acceptance and print templates. Boolean operators allow for creation of complex rules to ensure nothing is missed!

  • staff member
  • staff type
  • staff group
  • ROI list
  • calculation type
  • treatment machine name
  • prescrition name
  • number of fractions
  • dose per fraction
  • Brachy Tx type

    new in version 7.2
  • any DICOM tag such as
         (0008,0090) physician
         (0008,0080) institution name
         (003a,0043) tolerance table label
         (300a,0009) treatment protocol


RadCalc provides an export utility that allows users to export treatment plans to a format readable by a record and verify system. Exporting to record and verify systems saves re-entry of data, ensures that patient’s medical records contain the verification results and allows users to export customized plans for special QA processes. Transferred data includes:

  • treatment field parameters and MU
  • beam name
  • gantry angle
  • collimator angle
  • couch angle
  • field size
  • treatment depth
  • SSD
  • treatment dose
  • wedge information
  • either static or dynamic MLC leaf sequences
  • prescription information

Users may export plans and calculations to any record and verify system that accepts DICOM RT or RTP Connect format files.

"Seamless integration into our workflow

RadCalc’s Monte Carlo secondary check is integrated into our work processes for two radiotherapy centres including remote dose calculation."

Mr. Holger Wirtz, Chief Medical Physicist

Intelligent automation that’s both flexible and scalable

Features along the workflow

Data import

Importing data parameters automatically reduces or eliminates human data entry errors and speeds up the QA process.

Multi-user and -institution

One RadCalc installation provides many simultaneous user access options, centralized user and machine management as well as administration.

DICOM RT receiver

Seamless integration into the IT system of the hospital, no file-based operations.

Spontaneous calculations

EZ Photon and EZ Electron tools can be used to generate and calculate simple electron and photon fields for patients needing immediate treatment. The calculations can be exported via the V&R Export module into the V&R system.

Editing MLC pattern

RadCalc can be used to generate and export QA fields, such as MLC leaf strip, Picket Fence pattern, or test phantom cases which can be irradiated after transferring the pattern and calculated MU to the R&V system.

3D Calculation Forwarding

Sharing the Dose Engine computer helps share the cost and maintenance of this resource.

Anonymization of patient data

The forwarded 3D plans are anonymised, and the transfer is encrypted. Plans may be anonymized for technical support purposes.


Reports are automatically attached to the verified plan and e-mailed to a pre-configured list of recipients or saved to a directory for easy import into the record and verify system. RadCalc also provides multilevel plan approval, thus all calculations and the approval process can be part of the patient’s medical files.

Automated backup

Effortless backup and archiving of patient and machine data supports safe operation. Archiving schedules are flexible from daily to yearly. Patients that have not been accessed for a time can be archived and optionally removed.

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