RadCalc subscription packages at a glance

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Your benefits

Choose best fit for you

Select from four pre-configured packages and add your special options. Easy to scale up or down your subscription package.

Always up-to-date

Maintanance, upgrades, and support included. Consistent updates ensure safety and security.

Full cost control

Predictable spending with a lower upfront spending vs. traditional license fees. No upgrade or hidden fees. Convenient ordering process.

Vendor independent

Checks all results independently from the manufacturer’s TPS for unbiased third party validation.

"Subscription-type pricing makes cost more manageable and it shortens the procurement process for us."

One statement collected during our customer survey. "We always have an ear on the market", explains Ralf-Müller Polyzou, Head of Business Unit Marketing & Product development, LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

RadCalc modules

Essential 3D Premium 3D Gold 3D Unlimited
Base program yes yes yes yes
RTP import yes yes yes yes
IMRT yes yes yes yes
ROI (Regions of Interest)/VMAT yes yes yes yes
3D Collapsed Cone no yes no yes
3D Monte Carlo no no yes yes

Advanced Features

Essential 3D Premium 3D Gold 3D Unlimited
Remote home office access yes yes yes yes
RadCalc AIR (Automated Import & Report) yes yes yes yes
Cloud based dose engine compatible* N/A yes yes yes
Automated clinical criteria fail alerts yes yes yes yes
EZ photon/EZ electron and diode support yes yes yes yes
Physic data reporting tools yes yes yes yes
Machine data configuration 2 2 2 Any number
Remote training yes yes yes yes
Online technical support yes yes yes yes
Updates and new features yes yes yes yes
* CPU/GPU dose engines can be accessed via Amazon Cloud or similar service/not provided by LAP

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