Introducing RadCalc 7.3.2, Customer Connect and New Professional Services

We're excited to announce the release of RadCalc v7.3.2.0, our latest innovation in the RadCalc product. With a sleek, modern browser-based interface, this cutting-edge platform is crafted to streamline your daily patient QA tasks, significantly boosting efficiency.


The new release introduces significant advancements tailored specifically to the needs of medical physicists and dosimetrists. Our comprehensive patient-centric quality assurance (QA) solution sets a new standard, boasting state-of-the-art 3D algorithms for plan secondary verification, 3D back-projected EPID pre-treatment QA, and EPID in-vivo dosimetry.

And that's not all - alongside our EPID in-vivo delivered dose QA feature, we're thrilled to introduce the automated 3D calculation of treatment log files, giving the user more valuable information than ever. Experience the future of QA with RadCalc v7.3.2.0 - where precision meets simplicity and learn more about the key features

At LAP, we're committed to enhancing the customer experience.

RadCalc Customer Connect: Your Gateway to effortless Support and Enhanced Usability

To enrich the customer experience and foster seamless communication with the RadCalc team, we're delighted to introduce RadCalc Customer Connect. This new platform supersedes the customer login, offering enhanced functionalities. Now, users can enjoy greater visibility into their support cases, submit new cases, and conveniently access supporting documentation. Stay tuned for additional features soon to be introduced as we continue to prioritize your satisfaction and convenience. Be on the lookout for a welcome email to join the portal.

New Professional Services: Let us do the busy work!

RadCalc now comes with a physicist! We now offer commissioning services for our advanced features. Learn more about our implementation and training packages

If you would like to request a demo or information on commissioning services, please contact us at

If you would like more information on upgrading and to schedule your upgrade, please contact us at


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